The business environment is constantly evolving. Every day businesses face the threat of new competitors, better technologies, newer solutions and the list goes on. In spite of this, it also means that there is a world of opportunities. Among them is the choice to digitize a business. Technology today has made it possible to bring your business online to boost efficiency and productivity. If you’re wondering, “How so?”, then let’s dive into this topic.

1. Presence

Every business needs to be seen and heard. Traditionally, a business would have to set aside a big sum of money for advertisements such as billboards, newspaper columns, or even flyers and posters. This technological era has allowed businesses to not only build their presence online, but to advertise their digital presence as well at just a fraction of the cost. A report published by J. Clement on Statista has shown that as of April of 2020, 4.57 billion people globally are active internet users. This shows that building and promoting your digital presence is the next step all businesses should consider as the digital marketplace is growing by the day. Whether your marketing aim is to promote brand awareness, have a 24/7 customer support system or even to close more sales, bringing your business online can and will definitely help you grow your business.

2. Productivity

In many cases, the main benefit that triggers companies around the world to adopt digital transformation is the potential to increase their productivity. Of course, productivity of a company is directly linked to revenue. The more productive a company is the more revenue they can bring in. One clear way digital transformation affects productivity is based on a research by Ajay Bhandari from Zensar that concluded that 53% of the employees they surveyed believed they would feel more empowered to manage workflows better, given that they are provided with the best tools. Within the same group, 42% from the surveyed group admitted that the right tools can speed up routine tasks and improve work morale. To top it off, 76% from the 1000-plus employees they surveyed openly admitted that by having the digital tools, it would make them more productive.

There are many digital software and services available in the market. Each provides their users tools to improve different processes within the company. Some of them would help with inventory management, while some on marketing or even debt collection. For example, GoKudos is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Debt Collector that helps you efficiently keep track of outstanding invoices plus reminds your customers when payment is due. Whilst you have closed many sales, it is also important to ensure the money comes in when it’s due. These kind of software helps you digitize business processes and helps boost efficiency.

3. Prospect

What good is a business without customers? Afterall, the basic idea of a business is fulfilling people’s wants and needs or in other terms, solving their problems. Bringing your business online helps your company in multiple angles.

Traditionally, you’ll need to wait for a customer to walk past your store, or hope that they come across your listing in the yellow pages. However, today you can use a social media platform to increase engagement and build trust with your customers. Have chat boxes available on your website for 24/7 customer support or even advertising your products and services on the internet. You will get to understand your customers better, listen to their wants and needs, see online consumer trends, and even possibly draw up your next marketing campaign based on these observations.

Apart from maintaining and improving current customer relationships, being online dissolves the limitation for you to reach out to customers physically. Bringing your business online opens the doors to the global marketplace to your fingertips. You can market your services nationwide or better yet, globally.

To sum it up, digital transformation can bring multiple benefits to an organization. Whether your goal is to increase your brand awareness, to boost the operational efficiency, or even to widen your customer reach, digitizing your business will help you get one step closer to your goal.



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