Frequently Asked Questions

GoKudos is a collaborative tool that aims to provide a remote work ready solution for everyone and making it easy to adopt, simple and affordable.

GoKudos is designed to assist all businesses who seek to automate their operational processes with the aim to save time and maximize potential revenue.

You can sign yourself up for GoKudos or you can accept an invitation to join. Creating a GoKudos account is free. You can choose to sign up using your email address or Google Account. If you are signing up using the email address, all you have to do is fill in your name, phone number, email address, and password. An email verification link will be sent to your email. Verify your email and you may start using GoKudos.

The onboarding process is simple and easy. You can import your clients’ data with our ready excel sheet in less than a minute.

During a billing period, there are some limitations to changing plans. If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your plan, the changes will be scheduled to take place at the end of your current billing cycle.

There are three different roles in GoKudos which are Admin, Manager, and Member. Different roles have different access in the system.

Admin is the creator of the company and has full access to all functions in the company.

The manager has almost full access to all functions in the company except deleting the company account.

Member is one of the user roles which has the least access to the functions in the company. Member unable to access the Settings page and delete contacts added by other users.

  • Reduce time spend on recurring tasks with our automation tools
  • Manage cash flow and reduce time with our AI Debt collector

Yes, you may do so by going to the Company Settings page. You will be able to create multiple teams and add the respective members to each team.

  • Manage their task and workload
  • To increase productivity with automated functions and reminders
  • To keep track of monthly collection/payment
  • Manage client easily in one platform

Upon sending an invitation for collaboration, your clients can access the task cards as a guest where they can comment, upload documents, and view progress in one place. Also, clients can view their payment statuses too.

Your clients have limited access to the collections and tasks and can only access what is assigned to them.

An email will be automatically sent to them for first time login when you assigned tasks to them.

AI Debt Collector, the system will send an automated follow-up with the selected channel (SMS, email, or Whatsapp).

Task Management, the system will send an automated follow-up via email only.

Yes, you can access it through the web application but it is not recommended. Users are encouraged to use devices with a screen size of 11-inch and above to have a better experience.

Website and APP
GoKudos establishes an encrypted link between our website and your browser. This link ensures that all information passed between our website and your browser remains private. (SSL)

Servers and Networks
Our servers are located on Amazon’s secure cloud network called Amazon Web Services. Amazon provides a secure environment by using physical, operational and software measures to keep our servers and your information safe.

You may refer to Amazon Website for more detailed information

Certainly. If you are interested in a personal meeting, be it virtual or face-to-face, kindly drop us an email at

GoKudos Task Management helps automate, organise and manage task for everyone.

Automated reminders

Set automated reminders for yourself, your colleagues, and your clients. No more forgetting or missing out on critical tasks with the power of automation!

Keeping task in one place

A complete set of checklists to plan, organize and manage your task in one place. Set your goals and prioritize your task to avoid procrastination.

Improve collaboration

It can be used to communicate with clients, teams, and colleagues to make communication simpler. Exchange of documents or files can also be done conveniently between one another.

Yes. You can use task management for free with up to 5GB of document storage, invite an unlimited number of members but up to two teams only. However, you are not able to collaborate with a third party for the free version.

For paid version, you can enjoy unlimited document storage, invite an unlimited number of members and teams. You can also collaborate with a third party.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Pricing page.

Task management is a collaborative tool which allows users to create and manage checklist, reminders, 3rd party collaboration and documentation in one place.

GoKudos made affordable for freelancers and startups. They can save time and hassle by switching between different platforms such as email and spreadsheets. Schedule planning and deadlines tracking are more convenient with the help of a checklist and reminders. Besides that, it allows users to collaborate with their clients. Exchange of documents or files is made more accessible too.

Event planners can keep all work matters in order as task management provides a complete set of checklists and reminders for the user. It allows them to track tasks to stay on schedule, ensure timelines are met and delegate tasks to teammates. It can also be used to coordinate team tasks so everyone is aware of the progress and get a complete view of the work done.

Students in the university are able to improve collaboration while doing their assignments. Sharing of files, ideas, and knowledge between teammates can be done through task management. They are also able to keep track of every piece of their work in one place and ensure that the deadlines for the assignments are being met.

There are four types of tasks in GoKudos which are internal task, company task, collaboration task, and personal task.

Internal Task
The internal task is where the users from the same company collaborate together on the same task. No third parties out of the company can be invited into the task.

Company Task
A company task is where the user and clients collaborate together on the same task. The user can invite their contacts into the company task.

Collaboration Task
Collaboration task is where the user got invited by another company as a guest to collaborate on a task.

Personal Task
A personal task is where the user can create their own task. No third parties can be invited into the task.

Yes. You can invite clients to collaborate for task management. However, this function is limited to paid version only.

Any role from the Company can invite clients into a Task for collaboration.

Collection or AI Debt collector acts as a payment reminder and collection to your clients. Automated Payment Reminder within a few clicks and Payment collection via our payment gateway partner with just one click for your clients.

There are three types of payment reminders – Email, Whatsapps, and SMS. The types of reminders that they receive depend on the plan you are currently on

We welcome enquiries for partnerships. Feel free to send us an email at

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