Frequently Asked Questions

Why GoKudos

GoKudos is a work management platform that aims to assist businesses in saving costs by saving their time as every minute counts for all businesses across all industries. It can be accessed through the web browser which compliments Excel in monitoring projects and tasks progress while the mobile app is complimenting WhatsApp by allowing the business owner to assign tasks to the team.

GoKudos is designed to assist all businesses who seek to automate their operational processes with the aim to save time and maximize potential revenue. Every industry is welcome to use GoKudos.

  • Reduce time spend on recurring tasks with our automation tools
  • Avoid miscommunication among team members and external parties
  • Minimize work disruptions by having a transparent view
  • Evaluate team performance effortlessly
  • Ensure accountability across all departments

  • Excellent pipeline visibility to ensure the right task and clients receives the right attention.
  • Able to collaborate task with your clients when necessary
  • Reduce the complexity of collaboration

Yes, you can subscribe and use it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

How to use GoKudos

You can sign yourself up as an admin here or you can accept an invitation to join. Creating a GoKudos account is free. You can choose to sign up using your email address or Google Account. If you are signing up using the email address, all you have to do is fill in your name, phone number, email address, and password. An email verification link will be sent to your email. Verify your email and you may start using GoKudos.

The onboarding process is simple and easy. You can import your clients’ data with our ready excel sheet in less than a minute.

Multiple companies can be created in the account. Each company requires you to opt for a subscription plan. However, you can still enjoy our free plan with limited access 🙂 You may refer to our Pricing Page for more details on the subscription plans.

No, you do not need to create a new account. You can create multiple companies in a single account, but note that each subscription plan can only apply to each company. 

There are three different roles in GoKudos which are Admin, Manager, and Member. Different roles have different access in the system.

Admin is the creator of the company and has full access to all functions in the company.

The manager has almost full access to all functions in the company except deleting the company account.

Member is one of the user roles which has the least access to the functions in the company. Member is unable to access the Settings page and delete contacts added by other users.

Yes, you may do so by going to the Company Settings page. You will be able to create multiple teams and add the respective members to each team.

  • Manage their task and workload
  • To increase productivity with automated functions and reminders
  • Manage client easily in one platform

GoKudos CRM system

GoKudos contact management helps businesses to centralize, optimize and streamline communication with the clients. Hence, they are more likely to understand the clients better, resolve their problems and create a sense of mutual understanding with them, and as a result, leads to a higher customer retention rate. By learning the customers better, businesses will now be able to anticipate clients’ needs and fulfill them.

With the use of contacts management, all the information and activities of the clients will be fully tracked and no more disappointing the clients by missing out on their important details. With all these meaningful data, businesses will also be benefited from choosing the right target for their new products or promotions.

Your clients can only access to the tasks assigned to them.

Upon sending an invitation for collaboration, your clients can access the task cards as a guest where they can comment, upload documents, and view progress in one place.

Task Management, the system will send an automated follow-up via email and in-app notifications.

GoKudos Task Management System

GoKudos task management helps businesses organize their task all in one place. Reminders can be set up for your task and you do not have to worry that you will miss out on any important tasks. You can also easily collaborate with your colleagues by creating checklists.

As a Manager/Team Lead, you are able to monitor your staffs’ performance and easily communicate with them through the comment section of the tasks. Collaboration between clients can also be done in GoKudos Collaboration Task. You can invite your clients to collaborate and exchange documents through the tasks. All documents will also be saved under centralized cloud storage, organized and easily accessible.

GoKudos Task Management helps automate, organize and manage tasks for everyone.

Automated reminders

Set automated reminders for yourself, your colleagues, and your clients. No more forgetting or missing out on critical tasks with the power of automation!

Keeping task in one place

A complete set of checklists to plan, organize and manage your task in one place. Set your goals and prioritize your task to avoid procrastination.

Improve collaboration

It can be used to communicate with clients, teams, and colleagues to make communication simpler. Exchange of documents or files can also be done conveniently between one another.

Task management is a collaborative tool that allows users to create and manage checklists, reminders, 3rd party collaboration and documentation in one place.

GoKudos made affordable for freelancers and startups. They can save time and hassle by switching between different platforms such as email and spreadsheets. Schedule planning and deadlines tracking are more convenient with the help of a checklist and reminders. Besides that, it allows users to collaborate with their clients. Exchange of documents or files is made more accessible too.

Event planners can keep all work matters in order as task management provides a complete set of checklists and reminders for the user. It allows them to track tasks to stay on schedule, ensure timelines are met and delegate tasks to teammates. It can also be used to coordinate team tasks so everyone is aware of the progress and get a complete view of the work done.

Students in the university are able to improve collaboration while doing their assignments. Sharing of files, ideas, and knowledge between teammates can be done through task management. They are also able to keep track of every piece of their work in one place and ensure that the deadlines for the assignments are being met.

There are four types of tasks in GoKudos which are internal task, collaboration task, shared with me task, and personal task.

Internal Task
The internal task is where the users from the same company collaborate together on the same task. No third parties out of the company can be invited into the task.

Collaboration Task
A collaboration task is where the users and clients collaborate together on the same tasks. The user can invite their contacts into the collaboration task.

Shared With Me
Shared with me task is where the users got invited by another company as a guest to collaborate on a task.

Personal task
A personal task is where the user can create their own task. No third parties can be invited into the task.

Yes. You can invite clients and suppliers to collaborate for task management. They are only able to access the tasks that they are invited to and not all your internal tasks. However, this function is limited to paid version only.

Any role from the Company can invite clients into a Task for collaboration.

You can collaborate with your clients in GoKudos by inviting them to a task. Your clients will be to able view the tasks that are being shared with them. Sharing of files can be easily done too. Communications can be enhanced through the comment section where you and your clients can mention each other to update on the progress of work. Subtasks can be marked too so that everyone will get a live update of works done. You can also set a due date reminder for your clients and no more missing out on deadlines!

An email will be automatically sent to them for first-time login when you assigned tasks to them.

Not to worry, your clients will only have access to the tasks that are being assigned to them. All the other internal information will not be accessible by your clients.

Yes, as long as you are subscribed to a paid plan, you can collaborate with your clients regardless of them using the free or paid versions.

Yes, you can set the time and date for the task reminder.

You can set reminders for each task to help remind you when the task is due or overdue.

It depends on the reminder frequency you set for the task, it will be either weekly, monthly or yearly.

GoKudos Document Management saves all your documents in centralized cloud storage, where all your documents are made instantly accessible. Keep track of all your files and never lose one. All files will be organized and stored in one place, safe and secure.

Collaboration with your teams and clients is made easier as sharing of files can be done conveniently in GoKudos. Clients are allowed to import documents directly without having the hassle of switching between multiple platforms

GoKudos is giving 5GB of document storage space with the free account, with a paid subcribtion the storage limit can be increase up to 100GB. You can find more info here.

GoKudos Project Management

Yes, our latest release have included the gantt chart feature, with it you can now incorporate your daily task with our solutions to better plan and manage existing upcoming projects. Unlock your teams potential to fully focus on the work that needs their attention and free from distractions caused by unorganized task. Learn more here.

Yes, it is linked to our task management module which supports subtask. Users can create multiple subtasks within the task to better organize their work in process and to-do lists. Once the task is completed, users can check it off the list so that it will update the progress bar to inform all involved users of the project’s progress.

The invited client will not be able to view your Gantt chart, they will only be able to see the task that is assigned to them. However, if they upgrade their subscription, they will have access to their own Gantt chart dashboard.

Yes, this is possible if you’ve set the projected value at each individual task. This value would be reflected in gantt chart, however for value of a specific project it will be visible at the project tracker

The gantt chart is a paid user feature. Learn more about the available plans here.

The Gantt Chart feature allows you to visualize the on-going task within the project and make sure you’re meeting deadlines successfully. While allowing line managers to see who’s busy with what and help distribute workload more efficiently.

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Budget management
  • Remote working made easy
  • Improved development and growth

GoKudos Time Attendance

Yes, we have support for clock in/out feature with advance tracking through facial recognition, fingerprint, geo location & etc. Learn more here.

Time attendance allows you to track time on any device and anywhere, capturing employee’s time in/out and productivity. Identify and balance your team’s workload by keeping track of their meetings, outings, gatherings, work time, and attendance wherever it may be.

  • Keep Track on Project
  • Set time cost and KPI
  • Pre-Plan timeline
  • Location Tracking


You can remove the user from the company and they will no longer have the access to the company data in GoKudos. While the tasks and collections that are previously assigned to the user will still be kept in GoKudos.

Website and app
Gokudos establishes an encrypted link between our website and your browser. This link ensures that all information passed between our website and your browser remains private. (SSL)

Server and Networks
Our servers are located on Amazon’s secure cloud network called Amazon Web Services. Amazon provides a secure environment by using physical, operational and software measures to keep our servers and your information safe.

You may refer to Amazon Website for more detailed information.

The GoKudos subscription payment will auto-debit your bank card based on your subscription plan

During a billing period, you can opt to change plan and it will be billed proratedly for your previous plan and also the new plan that you signed up for that particular month. Hence, the amount for that particular month will be different from the usual billing amount.

Yes, we encourage you to utilize our mobile app so that the notifications can reach your phone.

Yes, there is a mobile app for GoKudos. You may download the app through Google Play Store or Apple Store by searching “Gokudos”.

We will be integrating with Google Drive and One Drive, hence allowing users to upload documents to the task effortlessly.

Certainly. If you are interested in a personal meeting, be it virtual or face-to-face, kindly drop us an email at business@gokudos.io now or you can book a virtual demo with us here.

We welcome enquiries for partnerships. Feel free to send us an email at business@gokudos.io.