Excellent Pipeline Visibility

Project Management

Ensuring the right tasks and clients receives the right attention.

Incorporate your daily task with our solutions to better manage existing and upcoming projects. Unlock your team's potential to fully focus on the work that needs their attention and free from distractions caused by unorganized task.

Better Project Planning = Successful Projects

With a proper project management tool you are more likely to waste less time in the long run. With less time spent on reworking due to poor planning, your team can fully focus on work that matters and empowers them to deliver results that actually impact the business's bottom line.

Connecting teams

Improving Communication and Collaboration

Working together can be hard without proper tools to support the initiatives. With GoKudos we help reduce the complexity of collaboration, increase visibility and ensure accountability across different departments.

Remote Working Made Easy

All the features you need to work remotely effectively. GoKudos is designed to allow you to stay connected, keep communication going, along with full visibility of your project's progress.

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Make Better Business Decisions

With a clear visibility on the project's progress, you get a better understanding of how your team's resources are being spent, when and what to priorities, forecast issues before they impact your business and make smarter data-driven decisions.

Easy Access

It doesn't matter if you're out working with a client, working from home or in the office, GoKudos allows you to access to your projects, task and documents so that you stay connected with your team.

File synchronization
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Budget Management

Flag any risk of a budget overspent well in advance. With an overview of your project status and the task progress, you can watch out for any warning signs that would have a domino effect that jeopardise all other plans.

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