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Time Attendance

Capturing employee’s time in/out and productivity.

Say bye-bye to the punch card system and time attendance tracking via excel. Every minute counts, record unlimited amount of activities and access to it for a lifetime.

Real Time Monitoring

Accurately track your employee's time spent with features like facial recognition, biometric scanner and geo location tracking. Allowing you to check on where and what your employees are currently working on at any point of the day.


Secure and Accurate

GoKudos Time Attendance creates an accurate worksheet for employees, enabling the organizations to offer precise payroll for the work done. It becomes easy for both employees and organizations to keep track of the work being done.

Go Paperless

You no longer have to rely on physical timesheets and time cards, complex timekeeping systems or guesstimate your time spent on activities.

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Any Device, Anywhere

Access the time attendance feature from any device, anywhere. Your data is stored securely on the cloud, so whether you access it through your desktop, laptop or mobile devices you can accurately clock in/out of the activity.


Generate insightful reports by day, week or monthly. Minimize time wasted on payroll administration from human error. Forecast your employee's availability to take on new projects and identify bottlenecks on time consuming jobs.

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