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Save 50% of the time from templates in task tracking and logging hours in timesheets with powerful automation. It takes less than a minute to streamline tasks and time tracking in GoKudos.

Manage, organise, collaborate and track
Management Tools On Cloud

Project Management

Ensuring the right tasks and clients receive the right attention

Task Management

Efficiently organize & prioritize tasks with clients

Time Tracking

Easily track time spent on tasks for yourself and team by automating time tracked data posting to timesheet.

Timesheet & Invoice

Create professional invoices and seamless on-billing of timesheets & expenses.

Time Attendance

Track time for all divisions and helping balance your team’s workload

Available in all devices

Hassle free cross-device functionality

Spreadsheets alternative
Create your project in 4 clicks and gain powerful insights through Kanban, calendar, timeline and charts which are generated automatically.

Time is money
Time tracking lets you know where the team and portfolio excel so you can easily improve talents and overall performance.

Integrated Invoices & Timesheet
Automatically pulls time and cost data from projects and tasks. Identify bottlenecks, time, and cost differences through the dashboard and report. Generating invoices can be done easily afterward.
Plan ahead
Plan, organize and prioritize upcoming task in the team’s roadmap. Task Management lets you automate your workflow to work more efficiently.
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